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JET Encoding Guide

Welcome to the JET Encoding Guide.

About this Guide

Currently this "guide" is just a loose collection of pages with useful information related to multimedia, encoding, and VapourSynth.

The idea was to just get started with collecting information online as quickly as possible for now, instead of spending months and months debating the perfect structure for a full guide and never getting anywhere. Properly structuring this guide and filling in gaps can then be done in the future. Of course, help is always welcome.

The guide started out with the Encoding Resources page. While this guide is still under construction, that page is where you find resources covering anything not yet covered here.


In line with the philosophy outlined above, any and all contributions are welcome and should be merged fairly quickly as long as they are factually correct and remotely intelligible. The goal is to make the barrier to entry for contributors as low as possible and prevent patches from being stuck in "review hell" for months just because they're not structured or worded perfectly.